What is Toymaster?

Toymaster is the largest Buying Group for Independent Toy Retailer in the UK and Ireland. We operate as a ’mutuality’, and are wholly owned by our Members who are all shareholders in Toymaster.

Our Mission Statement is very simple, and directs us in all our actions:

‘To help our Members trade more profitably’

Being a Member of Toymaster gives an Independent Toy Retailer a number of key benefits:
  • Access to over 170 suppliers including all the major brands, with preferential payment terms
  • Central invoicing and payment managed through a secure Members’ website, reducing admin & paperwork
  • Communication with regular updates on the toy industry and product trends, plus any other info and advice that we consider will be useful
  • Year-round marketing with exclusive window displays, instore POS plus catalogues for branded Members
  • A network of fellow retailers to share & discuss ideas and trade

For more information on becoming a Member, please contact [email protected] or call on 01604 674477